Opening of the 8th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival Was Held With Great Enthusiasm!

8th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival with the theme “Voluntariness” was held. 511 cartoons of 163 cartoonists from 45 different countries and respected guests came together in Eskisehir for the festival.

8th of the International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival took place this year which is an important cultural event for Eskisehir. Exhibition of the festival was opened at Cartoon Museum on 2nd December and can be visited until 30th December. The works exhibited in the museum was chosen by cartoonist Tan Oral who is the chairman of the festival.

The festival was organized by Aktiffelsefe Eskisehir Branch with the collaboration of Anadolu University and the theme was selected as “Voluntariness”. The reason for that is to draw attention to the virtue voluntariness and to raise consciousness through cartoon art. 511 cartoons with the theme voluntariness came together in the festival. Opening of the festival was held in Anadolu University Cartoon Museum with much attention.

Concert, Theatre and Panel drew much attention again.

After the opening, before the panel in Anadolu University Social Sciences Department, Aktiffelsefe Theatre and Music Groups held performances. Then the panel with the theme “voluntariness” took place. The common point hte panelists  mention was that we should engage more in voluntary activities to bring about the humanitarion side of ourselves.

Headlines from the Panel

Tan Oral – Cartoonist: “The word heart can be described as the accumulation of individual and universal sensitivity being an exciting force. Heart has an extended concept in our minds. Regarding this, this accumulated forceful sensation leading the person to a problem solving activity without waiting anything in return can be named as voluntariness.”

İzel Rozental- Cartoonist: The word voluntary has a magical timbre for me, it comes from the heart, from the very deep in human beings. I had the chance to be in different positions in different NGOs, I can honestly say that they provided me spiritual experience.”

Prof. Dr. Juan Manuel de Faraminan Gilbert – Cartoonist (Spain): “This cartoon festival with the theme voluntariness will educate our peers about the importance of supportive relations and the deep thougths that exist in these cartoons will make us smile.”

Rahim Baghal Asgari – Cartoonist/Manager of Tabriz Cartoonists Association (Iran): “Goodness is contagious and it is transmitted. A person participating in voluntary activities creates a hero inside him. He feels good about himself and gains a higher identity.”

Prof. Dr. Bahadır Gülmez – Anadolu University: “Voluntariness is a solidarity feeling, it changes acts as well as understandings. It gets richer with participation, working together, integration. Then, voluntariness is a virtue.”

Umut Dinçşahin – GEA (Aktiffelsefe Search and Rescue, Ecology, Social Campaigns Group Coordinator): “Voluntariness is not a fashion mode, it forms the roots of real cooperation and solidarity.”